Argento Studios

Argento Studios

An Independant Grassroots Multimedia Journalism Publication
Interviews, videos, photos, and stories about musicians from around the globe.
Social Causes
Important issues and people making a difference in this world.
Adventure in the great outdoors.
Stories of people and places all around the world.

About Me

Cynthia Reaves is a multimedia journalist with a Masters in New Media Journalism and Bachelors in Journalism with a minor in Music Theory and Composition. Cynthia started this grassroots digital publication, Argento Studios LLC, in 2013.

Cynthia was the Managing Editor for two Front Range print publications, The Scene and North Forty News.

Cynthia was the social producer for Green Mile Films, Mary Janes the Women of Weed, PR for Women’s Grand Prix at the US Pro Challenge, Marketing manager at MouCo Cheese Company and Chief Relationship Officer for the technology company Studio Hyperset.

Argento Studios (As) is a multimedia production studio in Fort Collins, Colorado established in 2013.

All content on this blog, the website creation, images, audio, and video, is the work of Cynthia Reaves unless noted and attributed to other creators.