Modern Day Fort Collins Femme Fatale

The Downtown Artery held The Femme Showcase, an event to bring forth the spotlight on three leading lady bands to bring awareness to activism and human rights. Terrah Schultz, the lead singer in the band Rat Doctor and the organizer of this event through SnugRug Collective productions, created the showcase with two objectives in mind. One is that it was a chance make the fierce leading women musicians in the Colorado music scene more visible and as well as make her production company “SnugRug Collective” familiar within a community full of DIY (Do It Yourself) production bodies.


The beginning of SnugRug Collective started a year ago in the AlleyCat coffee shop from Terrah’s band Rat Doctors, first performance, where the production company got the inspiration for its name. The band performed on a rug in the cozy atmosphere of the shop. SnugRug finds an interest in helping book other local musicians, where they both hold a symbiotic morale of professionalism as well as idealism in wanting to form a community. DIY artists work together to create a system that allows local artists to play shows and get compensation. This debunks the cliché venue system while promoting an interest in working with musicians to throw shows, develop their brand, and learn the ropes of marketing themselves. Since last December, SnugRug has booked 37 bands from house shows, to small venues.

Terrah exclaims her success this past year in DIY production as:

“You get what you put in. We create shows people want to see, and the money will come.”


She found the Downtown Artery to be a suitable area to throw the Femme Fatale event due to her admiration of the venues credibility of “giving power to the people” as a community space of diversified artistic expression. Terrah organized this event in dedication to the concept of the “Femme Fatale” from its notorious surge during the Film Noir era and what it represents for women today. She views the Femme Fatale as “Dangerous smartly and seductively. Women that have transgressed societal norms while their sexiness takes on more than face value. It is women fearlessly doing what they love.” Throughout the event, two other lady-leading bands, Bandits, and The Symbols performed embodying the Femme Fatale through their commanding stage presence that is a rarity in a male-dominated local music scene. The Femme Showcase not only spread the importance of community networking through SnugRug, but it also depicted strong women holding their own in no need of community networking to be successful because they organized the event independently. Terrah hopes that this event encourages further women musician networking as well as potentially opening a future DIY workshop for all of the other local artists to collaborate in gaining success together in the local music scene. Check out Rat Doctor and SnugRug Collective on social media for further updates.

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