Experimental Liquid Projection Duo: CAT Scanners

Brianne and Nathan Renley are a unique duo that will have you seeing double! They are two oil light projectionists from Albuquerque, New Mexico and have moved to Fort Collins last year to embrace a new community that is central to art integration. Throughout this short amount of time, they have already made a name for themselves in the progressive psyche rock community as the CAT Scanners. After practicing light shows in their home all last winter, they experimented with their first appearance last spring, projecting for Serpent Foot. Since then, their visual magic has taken off through word of mouth in the community by projecting for local bands at venues in town.

CAT Scanners,Brianne and Nathan Renley, oil light projectionists liquid projections in Fort Collins. Photo by Kelly Suda
CAT Scanners,Brianne and Nathan Renley, oil light projectionists liquid projections in Fort Collins. Photo by Kelly Suda

The couple is evolving with the growing scene introducing multiple projectors, lights, and other inventive elements since when they first began with just a single projector. The art behind liquid projection is fascinating because they get to “make something new every time” and “think out of the box by using materials in a different way from what their original intent.”

Their light projections aren’t relatable to the typical light shows seen in Colorado. While working their groove on the projector, they use different mixing techniques with diversified oil colors in a petri dish alongside other random objects that they can get creative with to their advantage. They are bringing back to life the vibe of the 60s, where this practice of light display originated through the heart of the counterculture revolution that took place in California during the Acid Tests. They are making this archival method apparent in the resurgence of the new-wave psychedelic retro music scene that has been blossoming in recent years stemmed from experimental rock.

Light projection is a hobby for Brianne and Nathan; they picked it up as an artistic project without a playbook that they can do together. This enabled an open door for them to be more in tune with their passion in the Fort Collins community as well as expand on their ever-growing mixing techniques. Their projection techniques are fluid in the sense that they flow with the music so that their visuals “match the energy” that’s being put out by the sound. They are very open to new events, and genre’s of music that would fit within their style of projection and are looking forward to becoming more involved within the community as the awareness of their art transcends, due to them being the only local oil light projectionists in town. Their favorite shows so far have been performing for Frankie and the Witch Fingers At Surfside 7 in October, as well as for Savage Bush in Denver this past year.

Their next display will be on February 3rd at Road 34, projecting for Wire Faces, and they plan on having more displays at Surfside 7 in the following upcoming months.

Instagram: cat_scanners_liquid_light_shows Facebook: @catscanners


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