Meet Off the Hook Arts – at the intersection of music & ideas

Have you ever found yourself wondering what makes music tick? What aspect of, say chamber music, elicits an emotional, inspirational or perhaps wondrous response in its listeners? Well, Off the Hook Arts, at the intersection of music and ideas, sets out to help Northern Colorado society explore just that and more.

Over the past four years, Off the Hook Arts has hosted a plethora of festivals, events, classes, and concert series’ available to children and adults of all kinds of financial situations. Modeled off the highly successful CHAMPS program (Chamber Music in Public Schools), Off the Hook Arts seeks to spur a community wide appreciation and passion for the performing arts. To reach this goal, the program has expanded its’ horizons to interdisciplinary proportions – seeking “collaborations among the arts, sciences, and humanities.”

For over a quarter century, the program’s artistic co-director Bruce Adolphe has been immersed in festival management, while composing pieces to be played by the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. He also serves as composer-in-resident at the Brain and Creativity Institute of Los Angeles, working with neuroscientists and performing artists alike. His induction into Off the Hook Arts has undoubtedly given the organization effectiveness towards their goals of fusing logic and emotion.

It was Jephta Bernstein, however, who can be credited with founding Off the Hook, along with making the program what it is today. Her experience directing CHAMP, her passion as a prolific violinist, and her history in musical education is largely what allowed Off the Hook Arts to so rapidly expand from a means of improving accomplished string musicians, to a community wide organization known for synchronizing the engagement of chamber music with the vision of fields such as biology.

Stay tuned for more excerpts of Off the Hook’s upcoming Winter and Summer Festivals. To learn more about the organization, you can visit their website at

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