Off the Hook Arts – An Organic Beginning

Off the Hook Arts, at the intersection of music and ideas organization’s mission is to provide affordable music education, along with interdisciplinary collaborations for the Northern Colorado community.  Their mission statement formed organically and brought to life through a collaborative vision.

“It’s all just one big muzzle.”Science. Humanities. The Arts. Off the Hook Arts founder and executive director, Jephta Bernstein expresses her encompassing goal of cultural integration towards such field of study and exploration.

Jephta Bernstein.jpg
Jephta Bernstein. via Twitter

Ms. Bernstein was born heavily immersed in the hard sciences – with both her parents working within Colorado State University‘s biochemical and physical science departments. From her childhood, she gained a strong respect for such research, though that hadn’t stopped her from chasing her own ambition to become a successful violinist. She went on to play with the likes of the American Symphony Orchestra, and in several Broadway productions.

Then, while working as a musical assistant for Ida Kavafian at Bravo! Vail and Music From Angel Fire, Jephta ran into one Bruce Adolphe.  Bruce is a world-renowned composer and Resident Lecturer with The Chamber Music Society at Lincoln Center in New York City, with works being performed by Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, to name a few. He had also been interested in an immersive educational program that helped the community expand their mind to find where exploratory sciences and music intertwine. In this respect, he is the composer-in-residence at the Brain and Creativity Institute in Los Angeles. Together, Bruce and Jephta created, nurtured, and amplified Off the Hook Arts to the indelibly inspirational program it has become.

Her son Ethan exemplifies Ms. Bernstein’s passion for the arts and is a grateful participant in the program. She enjoys seeing the effect chamber music has had on her own son while knowing he personally will not likely go on to make it a profession. Stay tuned for next week’s article to hear about Ethan’s personal experience, along with several other Off the Hook students. Follow along as Off the Hook Arts leads up to their WinterFest in January.



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