Off the Hook Arts – Where It Counts

Photo via Off the Hook Website

            Cellist Liam Kimball and pianist Ethan Sherman are two of the young musicians making up Beethoven’s Ghost Trio performing in the upcoming Off the Hook Arts 2018 WinterFest on January 21-26, 2018.

“At one point Mike Block, a cellist that played with yoyo ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, performed for off the hook’s summer festival … afterward, I had the opportunity to talk with him and play his cello.” – Liam Kimball

Many Off the Hook students came into the program with an appreciation for the genera. This perhaps enabled them to fully appreciate the many exceptional musicians the program attracts to their bi-annual concert series’. This year’s Winterfest highlights the works of Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco with nationally notable musicians and students alike taking the stage to do their work justice.

“I had the honor of page turning in a few of these concerts (featuring world-class chamber musicians), from which I gained an admiration for the difficulties associated with that role.” – Ethan Sherman

There is a consensus that it is the coaches who work to pass their expertise to new minds that genuinely make the magic happen. Both Ethan and Liam have found themselves inspired to use what they have learned to both broaden their mental scope as it relates to their instruments and in other walks of life. As per the Off the Hook mission statement, it seems the progeny of this program have begun to use what they have learned to merge a higher understanding of how music, and well as inspiration itself, ticks.

Get tickets to see the young performers of Off the Hook Art’s rendition of Beethoven’s Ghost Trio. 


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