Adam of Tallgrass plays at Avogadro's number in Fort Collins.

Monday Montage

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There is never a shortage of things to do in FoCo. Want to discover a new band or explore the creative nightlife this week? Here are the top picks that will inspire you and maybe make you dance a little.



Monday, September 25:


Where to go?

Surfside 7. One of Fort Collins top dive bars. Surfside has a  full menu of mouthwatering delicacies like falafel burgers, homemade corndogs, and even Poutine. Full bar and eclectic décor. Take a selfie in the bathroom to mark your visit. Must bring friends.


Who’s playing?



“This is the first visit for every band & MF’s 1st show ever. They include members from “wire faces, fierce bad rabbit and somerset catalog”!”


This is a blended band from some of Fort Collins favorite local bands of all time. If you do anything this week…this is it. $8 cover.



Tuesday, September 26:


Where to go?

Music District Fort Collins musicprenuer hub. For all people who love music. A gathering place for events, workshops, rehearsals, lessons, and coworking.


Who’s playing?

John Zorn, New York-based composer and saxophonist involved in a variety of genres: jazz, rock, classical, world, improvised, and soundtracks.

And Matt Smiley, bassist, composer, and educator who has performed in a variety of musical settings over the last fifteen years.


Together they will lead the audience in John Zorn’s musical game piece “Cobra.”


“ Musicians are welcome to bring their acoustic instruments, as we will be teaching the composition throughout the performance, and have people from the audience sit in at the end.”


This is simply for the enjoyment of creating music. All are welcome. This is a free event.


Wednesday, September 27:


Where to go?

Wolverine Farm and Publick House. A nonprofit event space, letterpress print shop, and bar/cafe in the River District of Fort Collins, CO. Local beverages, pastries, handmade gifts and local authors. They even have a serve yourself popcorn maker.




What to do?

Pecha Kucha 20X20 people share their stories, art, and ideas in a simple presentation format–20 images for 20 seconds each–and talk along with the pictures. Pechakucha is a national event in over 900 cities worldwide. This event is meant to inspire, and unite friends while cultivating an open sharing environment.

The speakers for this event are:
* Brandon Buttry
* Mike Bartelme
* Colin Garfield
* Jeff Baldwin
* Patrick Edmiston
* Shari Due
* Natalie Scarlett
* Jana Knapp Sanchez
* Alisha Jacobs and Debi Kennison
* Whitney Wells
* Kirk Scramstad and Maka Kala.’


See Facebook event for Full details on each speaker.



Thursday, September 28:


Where to go?

Avogadro’s Number An original staple on the local bar and pub scene in Fort Collins.


Who’s playing?

Nice Hat Mister. Local progressive bluegrass family band featuring young musician Eli Slocumb, 16 and full of talent. He is a rising star that has shared the stage with national and local talented bluegrass/newgrass players throughout his life. The band includes his father Ben, Rob Blackburn, Luke Albright, and Jan Peterson. $7 Cover



Friday, September 29:


Where to go?

New Belgium’s Fat Tire Friday. $3 Fat Tire and Fat Tire white. Fires when it’s cold and outdoor lawn games to keep you active.


Who’s playing:

Tallgrass, one of the most underrated and talented in bands in Fort Collins. They are producers, inventors, creators, and authors. They are soundscape dreamers and instrument builders who arc sound in a way that captivates your spirit. Not a bluegrass band.  Free.





Saturday, September 30:


Where to go?

Music District. They have been open a year. If you haven’t yet discovered your place in music in our community, this is your chance.


Surround Sound Bash:

“this walkable mixtape-inspired party with live performances, multimedia interactives, a music video marathon, pop-up art show, photo op, themed activities, Silver Seed food truck, and cash bar, and explore the entire Music District campus with an immersive scavenger hunt game. Featuring performances by Lois and the LanternGuerrilla Fanfare, Household Collective, DJ TwoScoopS, DJ Jimeni, Emma Marie, and The Rickshaw Live, interactives from Cloverlick Banjo Shop, Meep Records, Magic Cyclops, KRFC FM, Woodshed Music, multimedia projections from EvrGlo Media, Rhythm EFX, prizes from Vinyl Me, Please, and much more.”


All ages. Free. Party of the year.


Monday Montage : The week of 8/7/2017

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So much to do this week in Fort Collins. Here is a daily rundown of the best in music this week.


Song Writers Workshop:


A gathering of songwriters in Fort Collins at the Music District on the 2nd Tuesday of each month for the purpose of giving/receiving feedback on new songs, creating deadlines to write new songs, building comradery, networking, and meeting collaborators and fellow writers.

RSVP here:



Dome Lab Meetup


Dome Lab at FCMoD is an open meetup for anyone who wants to stretch their creativity in the dome. Whether you are a digital artist, painter, musician, DJ, VJ, photographer, or even a programmer this is for you! Dome Lab is open and free to anyone interested in creating and collaborating on projects of all types so bring your creativity and #doitinadome!




Musician’s Help Desk: Building Your Audience Away from Home Our band in residence, Parsonsfield will be joining the conversation with a wealth of experience touring and building audiences across the globe. Come with your own experience, burning questions, or just bring lunch and hang out while we shake down this conundrum for DIY, independent, touring bands.

RSVP here:





Finger picking workshop with Jared Janzen:


Free at The Music District. Bring your acoustic guitar for an interactive clinic and performance on percussive finger style playing. Join local musician Jared Janzen as he shares his original techniques, tunings, and insights into writing. After some demonstration, the group will work together to improve their skills. After the workshop, Jared will be performing an hour long set.

Jared Janzen is a Fort Collins, Colorado native whose music is new and intriguing to listen to. His main style emphasis is contemporary finger style guitar with singing, blending traditional genres such as folk, r&b, and rock into one. Influences include Andy Mckee, Michael Hedges, James Taylor, Ray LaMontagne and much more. He plays in Blue Taboo, Breakfast for Dinner, and also collaborates with several artists in the Fort Collins and Boston, MA areas. In spring of 2015, he released a solo EP titled “Truth”, and plans to release new music this year. His band, Blue Taboo, also plans to release their second album this coming summer. Jared has performed at many venues throughout his musical career on the front range, has been teaching private guitar and vocal lessons for 5 years, and has 6 years of studio experience. Jared is currently attending Berklee School of Music in Boston, and will be going on his first solo tour this summer.



Songwriter Showcase


featuring Robin Lewis, Matt Skinner, Pappy Longlegs and Dimitri Zaugg at Hodi’s Half Note


Concert with Skylar Grey:


Head to New Belgium Brewing for a special release party with five-time Grammy Award-Nominated multiplatinum singer, songwriter Skylar Grey. Doors open at 7PM with The Other Black opening. Free Admission.


The Deer with Paul Dehaven of Paper Bird:


Head to the Downtown Artery where Vocalist Grace Park (formerly Grace Rowland) fronted acoustic trio The Blue Hit. With guitarist/producer Michael McLeod (Good Field), upright bassist Jesse Dalton (Green Mountain Grass), and drummer Alan Eckert (Dimitri’s Ascent), The Deer create a tonal landscape that blooms into orchestral depths. Their debut album, An Argument For Observation, represents their formation as a songwriting endeavor known as Grace Park & The Deer. They began touring and collaborating as a group, and changed their name to The Deer. Their second album, On the Essence of the Indomitable Spirit reflects their union, and is dedicated to the memory of their friend and backup singer. They continue to write and tour, and are currently recording a third album, due in Spring 2016. More at




The Weekend: New West Fest


There is something for everyone. There is so much music in Fort Collins. Please explore more resources to find exaclty what makes your heart beat.




Monday Montage: The Week of Love

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The weekend is over. Fort Collins doesn’t stop just because the weekend does. There is sweet gems of live music, art shows, craft beer tastings, and journalistic events every day of the week.

Some highlights this week are from bands like the Lumineers, photojournalism projects,  some Athens Rock, and lots and lots of love.

Plan your week with the Monday Montage:

2/13 Monday: Singles Night at Snowbank Brewing with Denver Band One Way Ride. Beer Tasting, Food Truck, Live Music, Singles, SnowBank Brewery, free

2/14 Tuesday: Valentines Day at New Belgium Brewing with Stelth Ulvan of Dovekins currently touring with Lumineers. Denver Indie Music, Chocolate, and Beer Tasting, New Belgium Brewery, free

2/15 Wednesday: Trees, Water, & People Communities in Action Photo Exhibit featuring journalist Jeff Abbott. social movements and human rights, photojournalism, fundraiser, beer tasting, snacks, Horse and Dragon Brewery, entry fee

2/15 Wednesday: Storytellers Project seven stories told about love & heartbreak hosted by the Coloradoan and Wolverine Farm at the Downtown Artery. oral storytelling and journalism, community-building, bar, tickets purchased in advance

2/16 Thursday: Drop of Productions presents Future Birds at Lyric Cinema. Athens Rock, Indie Film Cafe, Tickets in Advance, Bar

2/17 Friday: Discovery After Dark: Archer & Tripp and More Than Physics at Otterbox Digital Dome Theatrelive ambient melodic percussions, audio-reactive visuals, modern technology and ancient ethereal music, tickets purchased in advance.

2/18 Saturday: IMPACT Dance Company presents Wo/men & Song at the Music District.Dance, Tickets in Advance, diverse choreographic work and music; classical instrumentation,  improvisation, and live vocalization.

2/19 Sunday: Her Story Worry & Fear at the Articulate. Women, Community Building,  how to live with a hopeful perspective, free, coffee, storyteller

Step out every single night of the week to strengthen the community and enjoy something new.There is plenty more to do in this town beyond what is listed. Seek something out that fuels your flame.


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